• Ripon CTC Dust

    With its pleasing reddish appearance and the right blend of flavour and strength, Ripon Dust Grade Tea makes the perfect start to your day. Start your day with a "Cup of good cheer!"

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  • Ripon CTC Leaf

    Ripon Leaf Grade Tea is the ideal choice for the connoisseur - pleasantly flavoured and easy on the palate. Truly a "touch of bliss in every sip."

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Welcome to Poddar Plantations

Ripon Tea

Ripon Tea encapsulates the best qualities of Wayanad Teas being full-bodied, with an earthly reddish liquor and with distinct biscuit notes in the liquor. With a tradition of more than a century in the cultivation and manufacture of the very best quality, Ripon Tea will definitely find a permanent place in your daily life, and become  “ The best drink of your day  ”

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